I. Sound Installs

A. Sound Reinforcement
1. Church
2. School
3. Commercial

4. Home

B. Paging-Announcement

1. School
        2. Commercial

C. Intercom
  1. Church
         2. Commercial

3. Home

D. Background Music Systems
 1. Commercial
2. Home

II. Lighting Installs

A. Church
B. School
       C. Commercial

III. Satellite Installs
 A. School
         B. Commercial
C. Home

IV. Video Installs
A. Church


I. Sound Rentals

A. Paging/Announcement

B. Miscellaneous

C. Music/Concert

D. Theatrical

II. Lighting

A. Stage


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"Basic Training" Newsletter

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Using Tone Controls
Commonly Used Audio Terms
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Preserving Your Microphone
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